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February 15th, 2007
happy fucking birthday to me.

February 1st, 2007
i LOVE that i didn't have to take any finals
anddd i LOVE being done with high school.
i'm so glad i decided to graduate early!

lamee [Monday
January 29th, 2007
i hate how people in bordentown are so fake.
they can't say shit to your face
they just fucking sit there and act like they're cool with you
but talk shit about you behind your back.
please, fucking hate me for a reason
not because my parents have money
or because one of your boys doesn't like me.
it's stupid.
but i guess it's whatever
because i really don't give a shit about you
and it really wont get you anywhere saying shit about me.
fucking ENVY ME.


December 26th, 2006
i haven't updated in a while.
figured i'd update since i was sick all day
and will probably be up late cause i slept so much today.

we had christmas eve at our house. my little cousins are adorable.
we opened presents on christmas eve cause they couldn't wait till christmas day

i got:

a laser radar detector for my car
a coach wristlet
clothes from hollister
a bracelet from delias
dkny be delicious perfume
an andy warhol tote
victoria's secret perfume
a scarf
and victoria's secret underwear

i think christmas would have been better if i hadn't known what i was getting beforehand
but whatever i really can't complain cause i got everything i wanted and then some.
the worst part though was getting sick but i can't really help that.

i think me and marian may go shopping tomorrow, depending on how i feel.

October 21st, 2006
So, it's 5:30 right now and I'm up
I hate working at Panera.
Today is going to be a busy day.

on the birghter side..
Sprague is giving me my 100 back in gym.
I got into a fight with him last week about my grade
I had a 99 but i deserved a 100 so I fought with him about it
and kinda cursed him out.
I didn't talk to him this whole week and he pulled be aside today after class
to talk to me
after talking about last week and stuff
he told me he'd give me back my 100
even though it got lowered because of last week.
I'm also not mad at Marian anymore.
I got mad at her last week for always ignoring my calls
or just not calling me back.
we hung out with Janela last night!
we all went to the movies.
Marian likes Janela which is good cause i'd kick her butt if she didn't

hmm that's it i think.

October 8th, 2006
So the past few weeks have been good. Went to king of prussia with marian, got some stuff. Failed an english test. That sucked. Tried to quit panera but my manager begged me to stay. Homecoming decorations are today. I'm going late to help cause I'm at work. Hanging out with Janela!!! Can't wait. She's gonna meet marian, finally. I still need to finish making my shirt. I made marian one for homecoming. Hers has a blimp and it says 07 in the blimp and seniors on the bottom. Mine has a train on the bottom and its gonna have letters coming out spelling seniors.

The end.

September 5th, 2006

i'm excited
school starts soon.
senior orientation is on friday, i guess it's like a half day for freshman and seniors
it's when we get our parking spots.
marian and i are driving to king of prussia on saturday
we figured out how to use the gps in my car, it's pretty sweet.
we tried it today and it rerouted me everytime i took a different turn then what was said.
i went shopping yesterday with marian and got 3 shirts
i also went shopping with jieun today and got 2 sweaters and a shirt
i want to get a few more shirts before school
i should be fine after saturday
i finished reading my summer reading book
not done writing a summary though
going to meet up with jieun tomorrow at panera for lunch and to work on it a bit

this week should be pretty nicey.


August 29th, 2006

i have a lot of shopping left to do.
i want to get a few new pairs of shoes for school
a bunch more clothes.
i have all my books for school.
only needed one binder, my only real class is english
i got a folder for health, just in case.
i'm excited, a few months of highschool and i'm off to college
i hope i can handle it.

on a different note
i'm not done my summer reading homework   :-/
i'm on the last chapter i hope i'm done by saturday
so i have a little over a week for relaxation.
but i think the summary part is gonna kick my ass
i have 3 full front and back pages and about 12 more to go.

i'm excited for next summer also
europe with my best friend!
parents already oked it

so much to look forward to this coming year..


August 18th, 2006
so yesterday and today were great days.
went bowling last night with marian, ashley, jieun, and nila
bowled for free and got more free coupons. sweeet
the dude asked jieun if we ever expect to pay again and she was like " what, no."
then we had to speed over to empire to get a vamp for jieun

today i woke up at 9
got ready
went to the mall with marian and jieun
had to speed out of oxford to get marian to work on time
she was 2 minutes late.
went to goddard, played with my kids.
got out of goddard at 6 and went to eastampton to get janela!
we went shopping at cherry hill
got some cute things.
on our way back we saw Phill Tatti (sp?)
then a few seconds late we almost saw him get into an accident

i want to go to dsw soon!
i was supposed to go today, maybe i'll go tomorrow
i want to get my shoes.
i'm also thinkin.. new york soon?

July 30th, 2006

i hate summer reading homework
i hate working 2 days a week at panera
i hate being sick
i hate getting out late from work
i hate barely having a weekend because it's the only time i do work
i hate that it's been like 2 months since i've gone mini golfin'
i hate losing to cory!

on the other hand..

i love having I.C Off's with cory at panera
i love working at goddard
i love my goddard kids
i love going shopping 92485290 x a week
i love having a car
i love driving
i love playing game cube on a friday at 6:00pm with marian
i love going to the movies 98230509 x a week
i love getting free passes to hamilton lanes everytime i go
i love going bowling 823058 x a week
i love diet ice green tea from wawa

the end.


July 27th, 2006


July 26th, 2006
this bites.
the internet hasn't been working for alittle over a week
and the stupid comcast people haven't come.
they were supposed to come today
but never came

in other news
i love goddard!
my kids are so cute.
i have lots of pictures but can't put them up till the internet gets fixed.

July 6th, 2006
so i'm happy
i've been on my diet for a week now and lost 5 pounds
but i haven't joined a gym yet.
the day i was going to go i got a call for an interview
i now work at goaddard.
it's a really cute daycare/preschool
and i work everyday but saturday and sunday.
i work with 1-2 year olds and i love em!
i'll take pictures of them tomorrow
they're all so cute!
we have 6 kids there now but we should be up to about 10 soon.
i still work at panera
but only on weekends
i like everyone there and don't want to quit
i just rather have less hours.

June 29th, 2006

i'm going on a diet
starting today.
and i'm going to join a gym
either today or tomorrow.
try to get into shape :)
yay me


June 18th, 2006


June 11th, 2006
wooooo i'm so excited for next year !!!

first semester i have....

block 1. art 2
block 2. rcs/ something (idk)
block 3. health/fitness
block 4. english 12 CP
block 5. internship w/ mrs. wag!! spanish II

second semester

i get to drive to school tomorrow
we're using my car for our spanish V project
we're doing my super sweet quincenera

finals are this week!
then sisters christening!!
then summertime!!!

yay i can't wait.

June 4th, 2006

May 28th, 2006
who's up for some mini golf tomorrow??
should be a blast!

May 27th, 2006
so this four day weekend is making me pretty happy.
went mini golfing with marian on thursday
and then marian and jieun slept over.
then yesterday went out with marian and jieun for a bit
we were supposed to go laser bowling but didn't..
today i had to work from 8-3
and i have to go to my cousins birthday party.
don't know what i'm doing tomorrow and monday yet
maybe mini golf again? this time with jieun and ashley too..

May 17th, 2006
woooo bomb threat today at school.
didn't have to go to history
don't have to do my homework cause my books are at school
i love getting out of class,
but it's freaky cause they think the bomb threat was real.
police were there checking everything
and they wouldn't let us back till 6:00.
but whatever theres no point in going to get my books.

ashley came home with me
and then jieun and marian come over.
we were supposed to go tanning
but we showed up late because i took marian home
her mom was gonna be home at 5:30 and her mom didn't want her out
so we rescheduled our appointment.

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